Top Three iPad apps for Artists and Galleries

Quinsferry Crossing, G-Hold Tablet Holder, Denny Hunter, artist and Artobotic founder

Artist and Artobotic Founder, Denny Hunter, shares his three favourite apps for the iPad and the ways in which the G-Hold Tablet Holder has helped him to put on art shows.



My name’s Denny. I’m an artist and an art facilitator.

I use the G-Hold on the back of my tablet. It means that you can walk around quite comfortably with the iPad in your hand.

I started using G-Hold as soon as it came out on Kickstarter. iPads hadn’t been out that long, and I was always dropping [my iPad]! I just thought G-Hold was a great idea and they’re really handy.

I’ve got one for my phone as well. I can actually work on my phone as well, through the same apps.

My favourite apps are:

Procreate - I like Procreate a lot because it’s just like a sketch book. You can just dive right into Procreate.

Adobe Express - I also like, for social media, Adobe Spark Post.

My Measures - I use My Measures a lot for measuring out the gallery space.

G-Hold allows me to walk through my gallery space holding my iPad, just with confidence, so that you can stand and have a conversation with someone and you can have one hand free for doing whatever else you need to do.


Denny Hunter will be exhibiting a new Artobotic show - Metaworks - in collaboration with curator Ayshia Taskin of The Wall Space Gallery during this year’s Edinburgh Festival, providing visitors with the opportunity to own affordable NFT artworks by distinguished crypto artists.