G-Hold® | Ergonomic Tablet Holders | Phone Holders


G-Hold® | Ergonomic Tablet Holders | Phone Holders

Work, Play, Learn, Create

G-Hold® ergonomic tablet holders enable you to work, play, learn and create without fear of dropping devices or straining hands and wrists. Approved by Apple Ergonomics, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Devices and Panasonic, G-Hold’s patented holders have partnered with some of the world’s largest technology companies and are top sellers on HSN and QVC. G-Holds are 100% manufactured in Scotland with quality and ergonomic assurances. 


Our founder Alison Grieve first invented patented hand holding technology in 2009 for the food service industry. A former waitress, Alison came up with the idea for a fold-away handhold on the underside of service trays after witnessing a spectacular accident involving a tray toppling over at an important function. The famous non-toppling Safetray® emerged and is now used in twenty countries around the world. Safetray® has had the pleasure of serving celebrities in the Four Seasons Las Vegas, circus performers in The Famous Spiegeltent at Edinburgh Festival, international ambassadors in Rio de Janeiro, the glitterati of Australia at the Park Hyatt Sydney, and thousands more, enjoying food and drink around the world.

G-Hold® | Ergonomic Tablet Holders | Phone Holders

The Big G-Hold Tablet Holder Idea

Whilst on Safetray's global tour in 2012, Alison bought a tablet to make it easier to work whilst travelling. Although she loved the convenience of having such a compact yet powerful device, she found it somewhat awkward to hold. A bit of further investigation revealed that many tablet users felt the same way, with complaints ranging from users dropping their devices on their nose, to flare-ups of carpal tunnel syndrome, to the familiar tablet smash when users lost their grip and their devices dropped to the floor.

Alison applied her knowledge of the ergonomics of holding, and set about creating a rotating, fold-flat, contoured hand-hold, which she named the G-Hold.

As with the Safetray, G-Hold rapidly became an international success, partnering with some of the world’s largest tech companies and becoming the Home Shopping Network’s highest-selling tablet accessory.


"When I grow up, I want to be an inventor." - Alison (age 7)

Alison invented her first product, the Safetray, in 2010 after witnessing a spectacular accident involving a toppling tray at an important function. Realising that her vision of changing the way the world holds things went far beyond the hospitality industry, Alison went on to invent the G-Hold. Through partnership programs with Amazon, Microsoft, Panasonic, Apple, HSN, QVC and more, Alison’s patented technology is helping people across the globe to use their devices comfortably and safely. 

She is passionate about manufacturing, intellectual property, education and, most of all, working alongside her team to help G-Hold’s customers.

G-Hold® | Ergonomic Tablet Holders | Phone Holders