The Science Behind G-Hold®

A study was conducted at the University of the West of Scotland
(UWS) in 2015/16 to assess the impact of regular tablet usage
on the hand and wrist.

Monitors were attached to the hand and wrists of tablet users in
the biomechanics laboratory of the Institute for Clinical Exercise
& Health Science at UWS. Users were asked to conduct every-
day tasks on their tablets (typing, photography, data input,
scrolling) holding the device, first on its own and then with a G-
The test revealed a significant reduction in strain on the hand and
wrist (particularly around the carpal tunnel) when users had
their hand in a G-Hold® as opposed to without, as visualized in the figure below. 


The following video is an ergonomic review of G-Hold® by David Bowmaker B.Sc (Physio), MSc (Sp. Sci.), M.Phty (Manip Physio), MCSP, HCPC, MMPA (Aus). Bowmaker is a chartered Physiotherapist and Specialist in Musculoskeletal and Sports Injuries at the Life Fit Wellness Clinic.