How to Work From Anywhere - Digital Nomad Adventures around Scotland

best tools for working anywhere in the world, includes iPad Pro, ESR case and G-Hold tablet holder and phone holder.

Working from anywhere is easy if you use the right tools.

Our team often organises a Work from Anywhere Day, where we swap the office desk or home desk for a day out discovering a new town or attraction, or nature, where we can draw some inspiration for work.


1. Digital Nomad Adventures in North Berwick and Edinburgh

This video shows some our top 5 best tools and accessories for working remotely whilst continuing to protect your postural and musculoskeletal health.

Comfort, flexibility and ergonomics are all still important for digital nomads!

Top best tools for digital nomads:



2. Digital Nomad Adventures in North Queensferry & Deep Sea World

Continuing our mission to ‘Work From Anywhere’, we headed to Deep Sea World in North Queensferry for an underwater workspace experience!

A day full of excitement, learning, productivity and magic of the life underwater was possible with the right tools: