Universal Tablet Holder

Compatible with: Any type of tablet or case. 
Also compatible with G-Hold Home Hangs, which allows your screen to be positioned at eye level height.

Attachment method: VELCRO Brand® hook and loop fasteners.

Key Benefits: Adjustable and universal.
Thin Velour Pad compatible with wireless charging.

Why choose G-Hold® Universal? Works with any device and case, even cases and devices that have kickstands. Great for organisations and individuals using many different devices. Easy to fit onto ruggedised cases.

G-Hold Tablet Holder suitable for kickstand on Microsoft Surface Pro and other tablets with a kickstand

Micro Suction Tablet Holder

Compatible with: iPads, tablets & flat-backed cases. Compatibility sticker included for textured devices and cases.

Attachment method: Nano-suction.

Key Benefits: Removable and reusable. 

Why choose G-Hold® Micro Suction? Doesn't leave any trace behind when it's removed. Perfect for Apple Smart Cases and tri-fold cases.