G-Hold® Home Hang Screen Riser

Home Hang Screen Risers are now available on Amazon:


  • Hang any phone, tablet or screen from any secure picture hook or utensil hanger.
  • Support your posture by positioning your screen either high on your wall for standing or above your desk for sitting - the home hang screen riser offers complete flexibility without the need for expensive equipment.
  • Can be used as an easy-access desktop riser for your laptop.
  • Follow recipes, watch sport or video call friends and colleagues in the kitchen without fear of getting food or liquid on your device.
  • High-quality super-slim VELCRO® Brand Fastener attachment pads that offer both security and the flexibility to adjust the position of your device.
  • Contains two sizes of loop pads to accommodate both small and large devices.
  • Loop (Velour) pads can be cut into smaller pieces to use for remote controls, dongles, mobile chargers - or anything else you’d like to hang on your wall!
  • Made with care in the UK with quality assurances.
  • Registered Design No. 6093884/5



Attachment method:

Low-profile specialist VELCRO® Brand Fastener on the G-Hold® Home Hang base contains thousands of miniature duo-direction hooks. The soft Velour pads in each pack create a low-profile loop receiver when applied to your device or case.

  1. Peel back the white wax paper on the back of the soft Loop/Velour pad.
  2. Place the Velour pad on the back of your device or case with the adhesive side of the pad facing downward (it should be black and shiny once the white paper is removed).
  3. Press the Velour pad in place from the centre outwards, especially around the edge of the pad.
  4. Leave for 4 hours.
  5. Press the back of your device onto the circular section towards the bottom of the G-Hold® Home Hang. (For a visual guide, check out the video above.)


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