Business Education Class Resource

G-Hold Tablet Holder Case Study for Education - Business Class Resources by Alison Grieve

Making Investment Decisions - A Case Study for Business and Accounting


G-Hold has compiled this course resource, using an investment decision we made for the production of our tablet holders and phone holders as a case study primarily for Higher Accounting, but also for Business Management, Business Studies, Product Design and Design & Manufacture.



For any Business Teachers or those involved in Business Education, this is perfect classroom resource, with real products used as examples, such as the G-Hold Tablet Holder and G-Hold Phone Holder, bringing learning to life.


Course content includes: financial decision making; investment appraisals; production and planning systems; processes used in the commercial manufacture of products; product ergonomics; value propositions; management of finance; methods of growth; management of operations; cash budgeting; cash flow issues and solutions.


Suitable resource for the following courses: National 5 Accounting; Higher Accounting; National 5 Business Management; Higher Business Management; GCSE Accounting; AS Level Accounting; A-Level Accounting; GCSE Business; AS Level Business; A-Level Business.


We are always happy to support STEM and STEAM education with classroom resources, and offer free workshops to schools who have purchased our Tablet Holders, Phone Holders, Ergonomic Home Hangs and / or our Working From Home Kits.