2x Extra Velour Pads with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners (for Tablet Holder)

Velour Pads for Tablet Holders are now available on Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Velour-G-Hold-Tablet-Holders-Holder/dp/B0B1F4S4L7?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1



If you would like to use your G-Hold Tablet Holder with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners on base on even more devices or cases, purchase this add-on pack containing two spare Velour (loop) pads.

To see how best to attach your pads, check out the video on our support page at www.g-hold/support

Size of the pads - 90mm

Compatible with:

  • G-Hold Universal with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners on Base
  • G-Hold Designed for Surface with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners on base

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**These velour pads do not attach to each other as they are both loop pads. In order for these to work you will need to purchase either of the G-Holds mentioned above, which has the hook pad already attached on the product base. 

We cannot ship Extra Velour Pads via DHL Express - only standard shipping worldwide.