G-Hold® Videos

About the Product

Presenting at QVC
G-Hold® Universal VELCRO® Brand Base: How Does it Work?
Ergonomic Review of G-Hold®
Customer review from an Organiser of Events for an International Recruitment Company
Customer review from Get Social Entrepreneur
Holding Hands with Western Nissan: Customer Review
How to Attach G-Hold® Micro Suction
G-Hold®: Never Drop Your Tablet Again
G-Hold®'s Augmented Reality Program

Company Videos 

G-Hold's Augmented Reality Workshop
 G-Hold® Interface Innovation Award: Winning Video
G-Hold® In Education: Sciennes Primary School 2015
 G-Hold® Design Competition: Larbert High
G-Hold® CES Awards 2017
Start Up Britain: Safetray® Winner
G-Hold®'s Debut TV Appearance
360 Degree Video of G-Hold® in Dragon's Den (view in new window for full effect)
Five Curious Ways to Celebrate a Kickstarter Success
Scotland Baby: A very silly tribute to some seriously awesome Scottish brands