The lowdown on all the PitchUp finalists

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Gate 8 – If you, like us G-Holders, do a whole lot of travel, you’ll know how cumbersome it can be to unpack your baggage for security clearance. Gate 8 offers some innovative solutions to make your travel a whole lot simpler. Up in the Air travellers take note.

Indentity Papers - Mi casa es mi casa when one gets in touch with this wonderful design house, personalising your surroundings with text or photographic wallpaper and boxes.

Veglo – These urban cyclists had their light bulb moment with quite possibly the very best bike light on the market. Like the G-Hold, Veglo put their concept up on Kickstarter and were successful in achieving their goal. Check it out here. Their involvement in the Gadget Show’s British Inventors project has provided some well-earned coverage in the media.

Popcord – Ever find yourself hunting round your house or office for your phone charger? It’s especially frustrating when your battery is flat and you have an urgent call to make. Well, Popcord has come up with an elegant solution to ensure your trusty charger is always by your side. Their miniature design functions as both a charger and a keyring – simply plug it into any USB port and your phone will be juiced up in minutes.

Lexie Sport – There are some fashion brands that just jump out at you with their edginess and effortless style. Lexie Sport not only jumps out at you but also asks you to join in with the jumping. For achingly cool British iconography and a soundtrack that gives a British classic a modern twist, check out the Made in GB section on their website.

G-Hold – For those tablet lovers out there who sometimes wish they could find a more comfortable way of holding your beloved devices, look no further. The G-hold enables you to comfortably and securely hold your tablets in any environment. On a mission to change the way the world holds things, we looked to Kickstarter to fund our project and are hugely grateful to all the backers who made the project a success.

SMOO – Another pun on light bulb moments - Patrick Evans, a self-taught electronics engineer, has come up with a unique wall light that brings blended colour projections into your living room – a colour for every mood.

Pretty Athletic – This new British skincare brand takes care of your skin while you take care of your health. Totally unique in its offering, this brand is aimed at sport lovers who want to stay both fit and beautiful.

Squidkids – For a splashing good time for little ones on a rainy day, check out this imaginative range of rainwear for children. Not only does it reign (‘scuse the pun) supreme in both quality and style, it also changes colour when those rain drops come a falling. Never before has British weather been so much fun.

T1 by Daniel Harkin – This prolific inventor / designer has been hard at work to successfully create the world’s fastest toaster. With a 20 second toasting time, using 80% less energy and a no-burn guarantee, you’ll have your jam on toast faster than you can say ‘John Lewis Pitch Up Legend’.

Fiendishly Fabulous ( or  - This award-winning range of puzzles and games designed for a range of ages and abilities was cited as one of the best buys for Christmas 2013 gift. Putting the fun into crossword style challenges, this will expand children’s vocabulary and keep the adults on their toes, all contained in travel-friendly packaging.

Bildy – In the age of Minecraft, with creative building enjoying a surge in popularity, it’s great to see a new toy designed to have your little ones building off-screen and in the living room. This product invites both girls and boys to build flat-pack worlds of castles, cars, houses and more. Their Vimeo video is well-worth checking out.