See why people are backing G-Hold® Tablet Holder on Kickstarter

See why people are backing G-Hold® Tablet Holder on Kickstarter

See why people are backing G-Hold® Tablet Holder on Kickstarter

When Alison Grieve invented the Safetray she was on to something amazing for servers. The Safetray has a clip on the bottom of a server tray that secures the tray in place so that servers can move about without the worry of spilling everything everywhere, making it safer for restaurant patrons and other servers.

Now Grieve has turned her idea for the Safetray and applied it to a tablet holder. Sure, there are other products on the market like it, but after using it since CES, nothing is as comfortable, stable or reliable.

The G-Hold allows users like me to hold the iPad on one hand without the worry of dropping it or knocking someone in the head with it. I can edit videos on the fly, write stories, send emails and even play games while I’m walking at a brisk pace. I don’t have to worry about losing my grip on my iPad, which could cause major headaches.

Some of G-Hold’s competitors are very uncomfortable, and one even required adhesive on the users hands. Because of Grieve’s experience in balancing and securing the Safetray, no stone was left unturned in the development of G-Hold.

Many backers agree and plan to use G-Hold in a number of ways:

  • A famous musician using it on his tour bus for when things get bumpy
  • A photographer/actor who says he likes to immediately load his images to the iPad for viewing and would find it useful for that, and also for reading his scripts during rehearsals but being able to do the movement stuff at the same time.
  • A guy with really bad eyesight who says he loses his glasses and wants to be able to securely carry his iPad as he searches around the house while he looks for them
  • A school governor who wants to buy a whole load for the teachers to use in classes
  • A pilot who always uses his tablet up in the air.

What will you use it for? You can support G-Hold and pre-order here.