New testimonial for G-Hold® Ergonomic Tablet Holder

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We just had to share this brilliant customer feedback that we just received.

"I just wanted to pass on a little story to you...

On Saturday I was watching the Grand Prix and noticed Suzi Perry was using a novel way of holding her iPad securely. Clearly this made presenting much easier, and “ding" I thought, as the lightbulb flashed on in my head. I could do with one of those, so the hunt began.

I placed my order Sat night and by Tuesday it had arrived. I made the simple attachment and there it was, the solution. No more trying to fold geometric shapes to make a stand or leaning against books or inadvertently tapping on the side of the screen whilst moving it and losing whatever was that I was trying to view.

"There it was, the solution."

Anyhow, the purpose of this email is to pass on some positive feedback to your company. I love the G-Hold, it's simple, stylish and very, very functional. Great design with an efficient service, and also its encouraging to see that you are a British company investing in British manufacturing.

I now see a wider use within my business arena and I am in the process of demonstrating the benefits of G-Hold to other partners within my organisation The fact that you are able to brand this product has ensured an even more positive response and a good uptake.

Love your work, have a great weekend."