Get a grip on your tablet with G-Hold tablet holder at TechRepublic

G-Hold® | Ergonomic Tablet Holders | Phone Holders

Greg Shultz at TechRepublic has written a fantastic review of G-Hold, which you can read on their site here. He tried out the G-Hold on two different tablets, the HP Stream 7, below, and the Dell Venue 11 Pro, and liked it on both devices.
It's a really in-depth, great read, so please do check out his article as soon as you get the chance. 
G-Hold® | Ergonomic Tablet Holders | Phone Holders
"I attached the G-Hold to my HP Stream 7, which is a small tablet, and found it to be a great combination (Figure C). Up to this point, I rarely used this tablet out of its folio case because its small size made it easy for the tablet to slip out of my hands. However, the folio case isn’t perfect in all situations—it can easily fold down or close as I’m handling the tablet. With the G-Hold, I get the best of both worlds. Out of the folio case, I can easily hold and maneuver the small tablet. With the clip folded down, the HP still fits perfectly in its folio case."
— Greg Shultz, TechRepublic