IWD21 Interview - Alison Grieve of G-Hold & Anne Kramer of Ergo Works

IWD21 Interview - Alison Grieve of G-Hold & Anne Kramer of Ergo Works


In celebration of International Women's Day 2021, we hosted a short Two-Part series whith our CEO & serial inventor - Alison Grieve and the queen of ergonomics from the Silicon Valley & the CEO of ErgoWorks - Anne Kramer.


In Part 1, Anne describes the changes she has witnessed in Silicon Valley over the past twenty-five years since she set-up AskErgoWorks.com. Alison discusses the importance G-Hold places on the human body at the centre of any technology design.


In Part 2, we asked both inspiring Female Entrepreneurs and Leaders to choose icebreaker questions to ask each other and the answers were quite intriguing.


You can watch both parts below:


Part 1 - Female CEOs introduce Ergo Works and G-Hold



Part 2 - Female CEOs ask each other icebreaker questions:


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