G-Hold's Top App Recommendation Series: 1.0 Baking

G-Hold's Top App Recommendation Series: 1.0 Baking

There are so many incredible apps available for tablets to make our lives easier and that enable us to work, play, learn and create. The G-Hold Team have built up a little library of some of our favorites which we're keen to share over the coming weeks.
In house baking-extraordinaire Sophie will share with us her top five baking apps that she loves to use. These are handy for professional cake makers and decorators or even just amateur cooks at home. Just don't forget your G-Hold!

1. Gateau - Cake Decorating App

G-Hold's Top App Recommendation Series: 1.0 Baking

For the keen Cake Maker, we recommend GateauApp. This app allows you to 3D simulate a cake design. You can create a new design by playing with layers, flowers, colours, fruit, jewellery, symbols and toppers, and more. You can move the cake around from all angles, so you can see what it would look like no matter the side. You can then save those designs to use later.

This would be perfect for those interested in designing cakes, for those that want to put together a rough design with a client or to send them a mock up after a meeting. It would also be great for any event planners. You can download it for free or pay a subscription to get more designs available to use.

The G-Hold would pair perfectly with this app as it allows you to hold the device in a secure position while shifting it around to see all angles of the cake design you are working on.

2. Sidechef

G-Hold's Top App Recommendation Series: 1.0 Baking

For those that want to plan out their week of meals, then SideChef is the app for you!

SideChef is filled with recipes tailored to what you like and your dietaries. It also allows you to sort out a meal plan for the week for all meals during the day. You can insert recipes from the app into these meal plans, or you add your own with ingredients and then there is a button to create those ingredients into a shopping list.

Added bonus, if you had Smart Appliances at home, then you can connect them to this app to use them wirelessly!

This would be handy for chefs, cake makers, or even just for families wanting a little more organisation around their meals.

The G-Hold would be a great addition to the iPad when using this app because you can be more mobile with the device. For example, you can take the app out with you to the shops and feel secure with it in your hand while the other hand is free to pick up the items off your SideChef shopping list.

3. Kitchen Dial

G-Hold's Top App Recommendation Series: 1.0 Baking

If you are like us and you read a recipe and it says use 75g, but you only have measuring cups or spoons (without knowing how to convert), then look no further. Kitchen Dial is the app that does the conversions for you with a swift spin of the dial.

You can change tablespoons to grams, cups to ounces or milliliters and so on.

This is handy for anyone wanting to do a quick conversion of their measuring tools for baking and cooking.

With the G-Hold on your device, you can easily measure out the ingredients at the same time you are converting the measurements. One hand converting and one hand pouring.

4. Camera Lucida

G-Hold's Top App Recommendation Series: 1.0 Baking

For us G-Holders, this one sounded super interesting and if we were keen bakers, this could be genius. Camera Lucida App is a drawing app that instead of drawing things digitally, allows you to get back to basics and use pens and paper – or in the baking sense, edible pens and cookies or cake surfaces.

The app superimposes the image of your choice onto your drawing surface almost like a projector and from there you can trace the image.

It would be easy to hold up your iPad with the G-Hold to project the image onto your preferred surface and then draw with your other hand.

A lot of other bakers recommend this app as well as they have achieved amazing results with it.

5. Tasty

G-Hold's Top App Recommendation Series: 1.0 Baking

For a good mix of recipes from all cultures and to suit all dietaries, then the Tasty app by Buzzfeedtasty is the way to go.

We love using the Tasty app as you can view a multitude of recipes, you can create shopping lists, and you can watch step by step videos.

Watching the step by step videos means you won’t miss a step and you can move through the recipe at your own pace.

Each recipe also shows the nutrition information as well as tips and tricks from people who have also made that recipe.

Tasty app has guides so that if you are looking for collections around say, low effort dinners, or unexpected things you can make in the blender, then you can have a look through their guides and articles to find just that.

For the shopping list, you can take the app with you and tick off as you go, or you can share that list to your messages, emails or notes should you prefer to take it to the shops that way.

Furthermore, if you find a recipe that you love you can either like it and it will save to your cookbooks, so you can go back to it later on.

And browsing through this app or using it in the kitchen wouldn't be complete or comfortable enough without the G-Hold on the back of your device.

G-Hold's Top App Recommendation Series: 1.0 Baking

Here is Sophie with her completed project - Macarons!

This was her first attempt and she used the Tasty app for the recipe. She loved using the app with the G-Hold on the back as she could easily hold it up while whipping up the macarons.