G-Hold Tablet Holder, Phone Holder and Home Hang featured at the Check It Out! Show

Alison Grieve, CEO of G-hold on Check It Out Show hosted by Al Kingsley and Mark Anderson

In April's edition of the Check It Out! show with Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist) and Al Kingsley (NetSupport), our CEO Alison Grieve talked about the importance of ergonomics, movement and postural health in education and post-pandemic learning environments, and how G-Hold products have been designed with the human body at the forefront. 

Below you can watch the 8 minute slot of Alison Grieve & the G-Hold products, or watch the whole show to learn more about a range of fantastic EdTech tools.


After the warm introduction, Alison quickly referred to a few points about the importance of movement in the education sector, which David Rushby of Nautilus discussed in the previous segment of the show. Alison added how fantastic it is for collaboration between teachers, colleagues and learners when they can move through different environments with their mobile devices, as that's what these device were really designed to do.

She said: "G-Hold manufactures holders for these devices to really enable people to move around.

Alison talked about the key G-Hold products (Universal Tablet Holder, Phone Holder and Home Hang), all being part of the Working From Home Kit which was developed during the pandemic to support users of portable devices adapt to the new working, teaching, and learning environments, she added:  "The key to all of G-Hold products is that we place the human body at the centre of our designs to ensure the protection of hands and wrists, and postural health as people are increasingly shifting from set workstations and onto mobile devices." 

Mark Anderson, also known as the ICT Evangelist, very kindly wrapped up the segment: "Just to give a huge endorsement! When Alison came to me briefly talking about G-Hold pretty early on, I was worried, if it's going to fall off or something, but my iPad still has the same G-Hold on that I put on all those years ago. It’s never fallen off, my iPad is completely fine. And it's been an absolute lifesaver presenting and I've literally taken it around the world. You saw it when you saw me on the BETT stand a few years ago. So it gets a big thumbs up for me. It’s something that’s not only really good for you in terms of keeping your hands safe and healthy, but also helps you protect your device. Having seen lots of smashed iPads in schools I've worked in before now, and having to deal with the insurance claims, this is a lovely little tool that’s cost effective to not only keep you healthy and safe with your wrist and everything, but also to keep the device nice and safe as well."

The G-Hold Tablet Holders are compatible with Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface Pro, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and many more devices and cases. 

Check It Out! Show is hosted by Al Kingsley (CEO of NetSupport) and Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist) and is broadcasted live every month on NetSupport's Youtube channel.  Each month, the show covers a variety of solutions for the education technology sector and is growing in popularity, so make sure you check it out.