G-Hold - secure grips and cases for tablets and smartphones

G-Hold - secure grips and cases for tablets and smartphones

February 06, 2014

G-Hold featured on the blog of Modahaus Photo Accessories. Read the full feature here, and don't forget to back our Kickstarter here - there's only 7 days to go.

G-Hold – Secure Grips and Cases for Tablets and Smartphones

Don’t you find your tablet somewhat awkward to hold? Heaven forbid if you should accidentally drop this expensive item! The G-Hold is a nifty solution to all that fumbling. It is a clever backing designed to give users a secure hold on tablets and smartphones.

The backing is attached to the device with either a permanent adhesive or with microsuction and will fit all sorts of devices from smartphones to tablets and eReaders. The G-Hold not only provides the user a natural way to secure their hold between the fingers but also allows the device to be easily rotated. There is also a beautifully made leather iPad case with an integrated G-Hold.

Scottish inventor, Alison Grieve, came up with the idea of the G-Hold when she first starting using an iPad. Her innovation also derives from her considerable experience of how people hold things in her prior product, a non-toppling tray called Safetray.

The G-Hold is a current Kickstarter project where her team hopes to raise the capital so “we can build a mold and then conduct our first production run” as well as pay for the first batch of leather iPad cases.