Ergonomics in Education - G-Hold on The EdTech Show

G-Hold on the EdTech Show, Mark Anderson, tablet holder,

In December on #TheEducationShow, Mark Anderson (#ICTEvangelist) hosted a segment on the importance of the ergonomics in education.
As a manufacturer of ergonomic products and ergonomics specialist, we had our very own CEO and Inventor Alison Grieve share her expertise on the topic.
Watch the whole segment here:
From this particular segment you will benefit from hearing an insightful conversation full of ergonomic #edtech tips, experiences and recommendations from Alison and the following ergonomic experts and educators:
- Anne Kramer, owner and CEO at
- Donna Shah , Assistant Digital Learning Adviser at Cognita Schools
- Sarah Clarke, teacher at Queen Anne High School, Dunfermline
- John Ittelson, Professor Emeritus at California State University Monterey Bay