G-Hold® Ergonomic Tablet Holders : Active X Backs

G-Hold Ergonomic Tablet Holders  : Active X Backs

We recently got to speak to one of our wonderful customers and their feedback on our G-Hold. Gavin Routledge is a Clinical Director for the company Active X Backs here in Edinburgh. He is also knows as a Chief Back Officer by his team.
Gavin is a registered Ostepath and focuses mainly on neck and back pain so he had a lot to share about how the G-Hold has benefitted him and his clients.
The team were also able to demonstrate to us how they use the G-Hold on a daily basis when registering new clients.

Thank you so much Gavin and Team for having us in so we can see how our product can make a difference to your business.
Please get in touch if you rare interested in G-Hold tablet holders for your business, or simple get one from our web shop.