Slinger® Phone Holder

There's a new executive toy in town, and it's got some serious attitude - Slinger®

Smooth, freestyle rotation turns your mobile into an executive toy that drops the mic but not your phone.

Premium, durable materials that give you the edge - move aside, kids, the adults have landed.

VELCRO® Brand low-profile hook & loop with a quick-release tab to remove the Slinger® for wireless charging.

Universally compatible with cases and phones - no need to sacrifice the tech you love, the Slinger® dances with all.

Super-soft neoprene cushioning for your fingers - just relax and let the Slinger take care of the holding so you can keep-on owning life.

Incorporating G-Hold® patented technology, because G-Hold® knows a thing or two about the science of holding.

Can you #slingit ?


Move. Play. Work. Slay.