Special Edition: Augmented Reality Hedy Lamarr G-Hold®

Chosen and augmented by our own inventor Alison, snap up this special limited edition G-Hold® featuring the actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr.

Fleeing the Nazis from her home country of Austria, Hedy became a Hollywood sensation and quickly became the most sought after actress of her time.

But that wasn't why we chose her for this special edition G-Hold. Hedy was a passionate scientist and inventor, creating a radio-frequency science which is known by some as the foundation for Wi-Fi and cordless phones.

This special G-Hold® also features augmented reality using the app Artivive. Download Artivive on the App Store or Google Play store and hold it over Hedy to see her come to life.

Swipe across the images to read about and select your base for the Special Edition G-Hold®. You can choose to have either the Micro Suction Attachment Base or the Universal VELCRO® Brand Attachment Base.